• Which professionals use FieldIn?

    FieldIn is designed to provide practical tools for each professional involved in pest management:
    growers, agronomists, applicators, scouts and pest control advisers, as well as packing house and vineyard managers.
  • What can FieldIn do for grower organizations?

    FieldIn is developing a dashboard made for executives that work with multiple growers like packing houses, vineyards and grower co-ops, featuring real-time access to key pest management information. Using FieldIn software makes it convenient to work with a common professional methodolgy across member farms.


  • Does FieldIn replace my existing farm management software?

    No. FieldIn is designed to sync with your current accounting and resource management systems and provide you with a dedicated solution for integrated pest management. There's no training required and no extensive integration process involved.
  • How do I login to the software

    Each professional can access their information through the login page.
  • How long does it take to set up FieldIn?

    Depending on the types of sensors that are best for each farm, setup can take anywhere from just several minutes to one visit by a FieldIn Success Manager who will get you up and running.
  • Which devices does FieldIn support?

    FieldIn's apps are web-based, which means you can login from any browser on a PC or Mac, tablet, mobile and desktop.
  • Who can I contact for customer support?

    You can reach out to your Success Manager or contact our support team at


  • How much does FieldIn cost?

    Our pricing depends on the types of crops, number of acres, and location of the farm. Contact us for more information about bringing FieldIn to your farm.


  • What kind of farms is FieldIn designed for?

    FieldIn is designed for orchard, grove and vineyard growers. We are growers too and we designed the software solution to fit the unique challenges and requirements of perennial crops.
  • What kinds of crops do you support?

    We currently support grapes, citrus, fruits, nuts and other permanent crops.


  • Who on the farm has access to FieldIn's data?

    You have full control over who has access to the data and to what extent.
  • What is FieldIn's policy regarding data ownership?

    Your data - is your data. We make sure it's secure, and ensure that any identifying information is available only to you and your chosen stakeholders. To improve the insights we're able to provide you with, FieldIn makes use of anonymous regional and aggregate data.