Heads in the cloud, boots on the ground

Heads in the cloud, boots on the ground

Heads in the cloud, boots on the ground

Our Mission is to develop practical, state-of-the-art technologies that harness data, to create the most effective, and smart, farms.

Improve yields with data driven decisions at every stage of the pest management lifecycle. From field scouting and spray planning to spray application, our analytics and insights will provide full visibility and recommendations into optimization of your operations.


  • Boaz Bachar CEO
  • Iftach Birger COO
  • Tal Weksler CTO


Our Team

  • Yakov Armon IL Market Manager
  • Stav Cohen BI developer
  • Shani Nevo Success Manager - IL
  • Shahar Tsarfaty Frontend Developer - Web
  • Oz Ben-David Director of US Market
  • Noam Rafael QA Manager
  • Nitzan Birger Director of Operations
  • Neil Knaak Sales Manager - US
  • Manuel Leibovici DevOps
  • Karni Bachar BOM
  • John De Goede Success Manager - US
  • Ido Amar Success Manager - IL
  • Evgeny Rivkin US Data Manager
  • Erez Wolf Director of Product
  • Efrat Yosef Team Leader - Mobile
  • Edi Hirshenbaum Technical Manager
  • Dimitry Polyanovsky Team Leader - Web
  • Dani Butvinik Data Science Manager
  • Asaf Katz Frontend Developer - Web
  • Anat Demeter Training Developer